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Renewables and Save Energy Solutions all over Cyprus

About us

A company based in cyprus under the guidance of a team of engineers, economists and lawyers expert in solar and wind energy and generally renewable energy systems. Import, study, construction, maintenance and financial analysis of energy projects.

The sectors of involvement are Photovoltaic systems, Wind energy systems (large/commecial, small), Solar systems, Biomass, Geothermal, landfill and sewage waste utilization systems and desalination using RES.

Also involved in energy conservation (in existing enterprises, co-generation of electricity-heating/cooling), or co-generation of electricity-heating/cooling

Business Type: retail sales, wholesale supplier, importer, publisher, consultant, contractor.

Product Types: photovoltaic systems, biomass energy systems, geothermal energy systems, cogeneration systems, wind energy systems (small, Large/commercial), hydro energy systems (small).

Service Types: Studies, construction, turn-key projects, maintenance

Established in 2003 and is probably one of the first companies in Cyprus dealing with Renewable energy