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Heat pumps are the best choice for economical heating, hot water and air conditioning in new or existing homes, hotels, offices, shops and the use of geothermal energy. They fully replace petroleum in homes and buildings with radiators or underfloor heating and air conditioners

The heat pump is a heating system that is based on an amazing operating principle: instead of generating heat by consuming fuel, it transfer / draws (hence the name “pump”) the heat that already exists, from one space to another. In winter, therefore, the heat pump takes heat from outside air and brings it into our house, warming the water heater, as oil did until now. The same heat pump can also be used as an air conditioning unit to cool our house during the summer.

Sure you’re wondering: “But where it finds heat in winter when out is so cold?”

Yet, the air even in winter, containing heat absorbed throughout the year mainly from sunlight. Even at 0 ° C, and even at -20 ° C. Only at -273 ° C there is no heat, otherwise the … space! And the best part is that the heat / energy from the outside air is absolutely FREE, renewable and clean. In summer, the heat pump reverses the transfer, taking off heat from the house outwards, so cooling indoor air.

Many puzzled “It is proven or risk losing my money?”

The idea of ​​the heat pump is tested for many decades and also already exists in every home! Where? But in the refrigerator, which is nothing other than a kind of heat pump: takes heat from inside the chamber (hence cooling food) and to release it from the back to the room (put your hand back to find that it outputs heat).

“Ok with the fridge, but we are interested in the heating, has that been tried?”

The heat pump is currently the No1 heating and cooling system in the world and is used in most new buildings of all types and sizes. Why do not people know in Cyprus? Probably because we suffer from … “acute oil-mania”.

“And how much do heat pumps spend to operate?”

Heat Pumps spend a minimum electric current to make the heat transfer, making it the most economical heating system that currently exists. For the argument’s sake, you may see below the results of a study by the National Technical University of Athens. (Attached) From a technological standpoint, this is achieved by a system which is simple in theory as the electric refrigerator of our house, but using the latest generation of technology, such as “smart” electronic control system, inverter technology, sophisticated accessories etc.

Read the Study Here

In new homes or buildings of every use, heat pumps are one-way based on all possible criteria: economy, comfort, ease of use. Ioannou Alternative Energy has models for every room, from 50 to 1500 square meters.

The Barrier

The biggest obstacle to the installation of heat pumps in new buildings and houses … is our minds: the reluctance and lack of information on individuals, but also engineers, who only know is the “good old boiler”. So we need not cling to the past, because you will pay it expensively and would regret every day in the future!

The Financial Details

With a small extra cost, which corresponds to: – the purchase of a heat pump instead of boiler and tank – the fan coils installed instead of radiators you gain: Coolness for the summertime, that saves the cost buying air-conditioning units for each room Cheap hot water all day, every day, that saves the cost of purchasing and installing solar and electric water heaters for the winter.

The Heat Sensation

The lack of objective information leads to misunderstandings that have to do with how …satisfying is the heat from the heat pump. The answer is one: the sense is superior, better even than the radiator, with greater and more rapid diffusion of heat in space and without any of the negative phenomena that air conditioners, infrareds, fireplaces, etc have. Furthermore, if the customer additionally chooses the solution of hidden vents, he will also enjoy superior ventilation and air filtration.

The aesthetic issue

Some individuals and architects alike, are very much interested in the aesthetics of these solutions. Heat pumps may be regarded as superior in this aspect too, since: – They require just a single compact machine outdoors – There is a minimum occupation of space inside, with modern fan coils (slim design) smaller than radiators, underfloor piping or completely hidden vents.

Economy 50% in hot water and heating without oil and air conditioning in summer is it possible? Yes, Ioannou Alternative Energy is one of the few companies that offer models specifically for energy saving in hotels existing or new, covering with the most economical way all their needs for hot water, air conditioning and heating. This is the most modern system available to complete substitution of oil.

What wins the hotel:

drastically reducing costs translates into a direct increase in profitability economy by 80% to oil in hot water and heating operation in all conditions, summer and winter, from -20oC to + 46oC very easy installation in existing hotels low maintenance cost and easy handling compatibility with all types of boiler and radiators (radiators, panels, fan coils) 35-50% savings in cooling compared with coolers old technology very low sound level, high security (no burning / fire / fuels)

Exclusively for Hot Water Use:

Even in hotels that do not want to change the heating and air conditioning system chosen, heat pumps are highly profitable just to produce hot water. With savings of up to 80% compared with oil, cover 100% of needs, both winter and summer, day and night. This applies regardless the size of the hotel and independent from the air conditioning and heating system used.

Warm water use for hotel

The majority of hotels, from the smallest to the largest, consume large quantities of fuel to heat water use for the rooms, the kitchen, the laundry, for general cleaning, to shared bathrooms. Ioannou Alternative Energy has special heat pump models to meet these needs with cost 50-80% less than oil, completely independently of any installed system heating and air conditioning. Most hotels do not intend to directly modify the system with heating and air conditioning (eg air conditioners split, VRV) because it is relatively new, or because they do not want to work within the hotel. But very interested to abolish oil using winter – summer for hot water. For this case, Ioannou Alternative Energy has special heat pumps pays to install and operate solely to produce hot water offering economy of at least 50%.

Simple & quick connection These special heat pumps installed in any external site and connected to any existing boiler, giving them longer required hot water. No need for any other intervention or change inside the hotel. This applies to all hotels, apartments, bungalows complexes, complex tourist accommodations from 5 rooms up to 280 rooms, with a single machine!

Κάθε μέρα, κάθε ώρα:

Heat pumps can cover 100% of needs in warm water, whether it is morning or night, winter or summer. These apply to any size of hotel, from 5-500 rooms and regardless of its location in the mountains or at the beach and of course as said regardless of the heating and air conditioning system available. If some hotels already have solar systems covering a part of the hot water needs during times of sunshine, heat pumps will cover the remainder.

Ioannou Alternative Energy specializes in hotels:

Great care needs of hoteliers because other brands of heat pumps that circulate not suitable for hotels and can not produce hot water at high ambient temperatures prevailing at the height of the summer season. Instead heat pumps of Ioannou Alternative Energy is specially designed for hotel applications. Also, most brands do not even have heat pumps sizes required for the needs of hotels and offer many small ones destined for installation in homes …. On the other hand, Ioannou Alternative Energy has a special series where a machine can meet the hotel needs up to 280 rooms!

A hidden competitive advantage:

Until now, the engineers – consultants hoteliers not bother to propose their heat pumps because there was not any strong incentive. They gave the innkeeper only classical solution to the “good old boiler,” as if there were no alternative. Over the last decade, with oil prices going up and down … like elevator, hoteliers will invest in a heat pump will gain a competitive advantage, turning this “wound” expenses to reduce the hotel’s operating costs. The money you will save from the first day of operation of the heat pump, can be invest in expansion of the unit or improvement of tariffs, so passing in front of the competition.

Advantageous to install them? Subsidy?

The costs of buying and heat pump installation in new or existing hotel units is small compared to the benefits they offer, thus depreciated rapidly, even within one or two seasons.It is Interest to be installed without any subsidy. Despite this, are subsidized by 40-60%, as the pre-eminent power management system of all subsidy programs “run” at times.

Για ακόμα μεγαλύτερη εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας, μπορεί να γίνει χρήση γεωθερμικών αντλιών θερμότητας.

For even greater savings, geothermal heat pumps can be used. Additional advantages in this case are:

  • Even higher efficiency and energy saving.
  • Efficiency completely unaffected by external conditions of heat or cold.
  • Eliminate need for external mounting machine.


The heat pump installation costs in new or existing houses or buildings are subsidized by all grant programs “run” from time to time as the pre-eminent power management system in the production process. In fact, constitute expenditure rated extremely favorably and thus contribute to the chances of approval of the investment plan of the company. Naturally, our heat pumps have all the necessary certificates for their eligibility and the final approval of the grant.

No system can compete in the economy and in comfort heat pumps in the case of air conditioning in offices. The heat pump may provide heating, cooling and ventilation with fresh outside air, in any size workplace.

Benefits for the owner

For the owner of an office building, the advantages of heat pumps over other systems is the ultimate in comfort, the electronic control, reliability and of course top performance and economy. Benefits for the engineer and architect On the side of the designer, architect and installer, comparative advantages over direct expansion systems (eg VRF or multisplit) is also very important: safety of the occupants – even in large installations, easy and economical maintenance, lower acquisition cost.

Inside office

In the interior of offices, with heat pumps combined fan coils (hidden or visible) or even network with hidden vents and hatches. Heat pumps for offices are available of course in special versions of high temperatures, so they can be combined with existing radiators.


In each office, small or large company, which is currently heated with another system and air conditioned with coolers of old technology and of course much more to every office building currently constructed, the heat pump system must be considered directly as first choice .

Ioannou Alternative Energy has a special range of machines suitable to meet the needs of local shops and restaurants to nightclubs, super market and major shopping centers.

The specifics

Shops and public assembly areas have special cooling requirements only heat pumps can meet easily, fully and economically: high efficiency, low noise, air renewal, rapid cooling switch – heating, long and short variations in loads, depending on visitors and operation in all climatic conditions.

Solves the hands of scholars and engineering firms

Ioannou Alternative Energy, based in the philosophy to meet the specific needs of each type of application, really “solves hands” to scholars wishing to choose the best air conditioning system for shops or other public gathering places. It has great performance range for all building sizes up 2.500kW any type application, even for simultaneous cooling and heating.

Certification and Experience

Heat pumps and chillers of Ioannou Alternative Energy certified in accordance with the most stringent international regulations required in technical projects, both for construction and for their performance, also their performance in extreme environmental conditions and low noise .