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By changing now your lighting you save energy and money! With LED lamps energy consumption is reduced by 85% compared with conventional bulbs.

LED lighting is a smart and affordable solution for indoors and outdoors. Whether you prefer the soft light of a spot or flat lighting panels or exterior flood lights, to us you will find the appropriate lighting that will fully meet your needs.

With the LED lamps and fixtures you add beautiful design on your premises while you achieve energy savings and efficient operation
The Led lighting combines high brightness, low power consumption, increased durability over time while it can easily be programmed for mode and hours of operation.

LED lighting has a variety of applications and can be used in homes and in many different kinds of businesses like shops, offices, cafes, stadiums and hotels while is extremely environmental friendly.

At Ioannou Alternative Energy you will find a number of integrated professional solutions that will help at the most the performance and operation of your business or home.

Advantages of LED Technology

1) Reduce power consumption with the same or better performance lighting up to 85%. It is more economical when compared with a fluorescent lamp of the same brightness.
2) No maintenance cost, no need of frequent replacement.
3) The average lifespan is over 50,000 hours.
4) No emission of high temperatures (less than 65 degrees Celsius).
5) They don’t contain within various toxic and other harmful to the human body substances. The fluorescent lamps in the case of breakages it becomes dangerous.
6) It is not sensitive to vibration and shock.
7) No flicker ever.
8) Instant maximum brightness when we light it ON while fluorescent lamps delayed a few seconds to reach full brightness.
9) It is possible to operate with the lighting controller (dimmer), unlike fluorescent lamps for which the feature is not available.
10) The acquisition cost is a little higher but apparently the electricity savings will gradually recoup the difference multiple times.
11) LED lamps replace the old bulbs without having to change the luminaire.

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